About Fire Department

Arpin Volunteer Fire Department

Arpin Volunteer Fire Department provides emergency services to the Arpin, WI community. We currently have 21 members and always looking for new members to help fill the ranks. Our members have specialized training in Ice Rescue, Farm accident training, Project lifesaver, and extrication.

Our fire department members have monthly fire and EMS training along with the monthly business meeting which they are highly encouraged to attend.

Currently the department has a 2006 HME 1500 GPM 6 man Custom Cab engine, 2009 International 2450 Gallon Tanker, 2008 International 2450 Gallon tanker with 750 GPM Darley pump, 2005 GMC Light Rescue, Enclosed Air Cascade/Rehab Trailer, 2005 Polaris Ranger set up for Wild land firefighting and search and rescue on trailer. 2008 Ford F450 4 x 4 Crew Cab pickup a as wild-land fire truck.

Memeber Roster

Russ Altman Firefighter
Misty Bauer Firefighter Fire Inspector
Duane Becker Firefighter/EMR
Luke Bravener Firefighter/EMR Fire Chief
Melissa Bravener Firefighter/EMR
Caleb Connor Firefighter
Jason Dangers Firefighter
Robert Dombrowski Firefighter
Chad Godard Firefighter Captain
Tyler Grosskreutz Firefighter/EMR Deputy Chief
Andy Guldan Firefighter Captain
Adam Hilgart Firefighter/EMR
Bob Koopman Firefighter
Roy Koopman Firefighter
Michelle Kundinger Firefighter
Sandy Schill Firefighter/EMR
Hallie Seliger Firefighter Fire Inspector
Bill Wildenberg Firefighter
Kyle Wildenberg Firefighter
Andrew Yerke Firefighter/EMR Lieutenant
Angie Yerke Firefighter/EMR EMS Director
Sarah Yerke Firefighter/EMR